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Chinatown is on!!

This Thursday we went for a trip. Chinatown, Melbourne was the destination. Since I do Chinese Language as one of my subjects at school, this was an excursion, which I haven’t done for about six years. A very loose one though. We were pretty much free to wander the city in small groups.

I took a lot of photos…

After the getting on the train at 7:49, we arrived at Southern Cross Station. This is of outside.


^^ If you haven’t been there, the roof of Southern Cross is VERY cool, all wavy with a lot of steel beams crossed over each other in patterns.

We got on a tram, got off after a while, walked for a bit, then arrived at the destination —


Through the archway, we were on the main street in Chinatown.



These were all waving in the window — they looked a little dodgy to be totally honest.


Picture quality isn’t that great. Sorry about that. All of them were taken while walking quite fast.

Not sure what this was of. Ah well. Abstract art, I guess.


And then, well, out of Chinatown and into CBD Melbourne. Saw some strange stuff, as you’ll see…


^ That was in the door of a strip club, by the way.

Hot pot for lunch! I’ve never had anything like that before, it was great!


After lunch, the Chinese Museum.


This ^ was an amazing miniature display of the Goldfields in the 1800’s. It was really detailed, I thought it was a photo for a second.


^ Cantonese opera costumes and makeup

Hopefully you liked this post. Next – a review!




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