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Photo Dump!

I was going to do a sort of ‘photos of the month’ thing for August, but… I never got around to it. But here are some I found that I’ve taken at some point or another that are good eye candy. So, uh, pig out on them, I guess. Some are around the yard, some… elsewhere.

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Among the Stars

Hello again. It’s been a while since I posted. I wrote something months ago that you might have fun reading…

(Yeah, yeah, I really need to find one focus for this blog instead of posting random things.)

Have fun, no copying. It’s called Among the Stars.

It all started when Jeriah found me in street twenty-six.

I was alone. The hunger had been gnawing at me for days now.

It was a dark back alley, this street twenty-six, and I must have looked quite the part; slumped against the wall, my usually strong arms weak and limp.

He approached me so casually, you know. Hands in pockets, his skeletal frame slouching all nonchalant like, whistling all the while. I can’t remember what he said to me, but I know it either chilled me to the bone or did the exact opposite. His voice alone was enough to startle me; it was pretty high-pitched for a guy. But his appearance was something else.

He looked a bit like a girl, or more accurately an angel, with his long white-blonde hair and big, pretty eyes lit with a childlike excitement. Or maybe it was something else. It was hard to tell at the time. But I couldn’t help but stare. Had I… seen him somewhere before?

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FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Manga – Dragon Ball

Yo. So what brought this on? It’s something to write about I guess. More reviews to come, whether they’re music, books, manga, movies or anything else (but nothing else starting with M, because I’ve already used that letter WAY too much in this post.

‘First Impressions’ is just gonna be a review after reading/watching the first installment of a series. After I finish them, I might even write a ‘Completed Series’ review. Who knows? We’ll get back to that. But for now, onto Dragon Ball!

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