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FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Manga – Dragon Ball

Yo. So what brought this on? It’s something to write about I guess. More reviews to come, whether they’re music, books, manga, movies or anything else (but nothing else starting with M, because I’ve already used that letter WAY too much in this post.

‘First Impressions’ is just gonna be a review after reading/watching the first installment of a series. After I finish them, I might even write a ‘Completed Series’ review. Who knows? We’ll get back to that. But for now, onto Dragon Ball!

This manga is old. It’s also very famous. It’s also probably been written about thousands of times. I wasn’t sure whether to read this series or Dragon Ball Z first, but eventually decided on the one without the extra letter. It seems more ‘first series’ like. I might have been wrong. I guess it doesn’t matter, to be honest. Tell me if I’m wrong ʘ‿ʘ

The characters were all different and colourful, and so far all very likeable in their own ways. Main characters include:



A kind of older-than-he-looks monkey boy human thing (will I find out why he has a tail??) who lives by himself in the jungle. He’s crazy strong for his size, having trained with his grandfather (who we don’t know about yet). Not far into the story he meets



A no-so-average high school girl from the ‘far west’ as she puts it. She’s got some sick rides, even sicker camping gear and a body that she’s extremely proud of. She’s a girl on a mission, trying to find the legendary Dragon Balls, one of which happens to be in Goku’s house. A little later on, they meet



He started off looking like our first serious villain, but that wore off pretty quickly. He’s just a shapeshifter, all talk and no fight! A bit of a pervert too, to be honest. But he has his assets, as I’m sure we’ll find out later on!

Other characters include Yamcha, a kinda powerful fighter who has a weakness for the ladies and his pet, Puar, trained with Oolong when they


To start off with, it was FUNNY. At times I found myself laughing out, especially at Goku’s clueless antics, especially when it came to people. Come on, as soon as he found out that chicks had ‘no balls’, he was patting everyone he met around the crotch to see if they were male or female. It cracked me up. And don’t even get me started on trying to use Bulma as a pillow, ‘just like his grandad!’

The plot flowed nicely from my point of view, although I’m not much of an expert with these things. But it certainly keeps you interested and entertained.

The action scenes we good, too. It was easy to tell what was going on, who was kicking who, all that stuff. It helps that all the characters are super easy to tell apart. In some manga, I can’t even tell who’s who, and the fight scenes just get confusing (Tokyo Ghoul :re, I’m looking at you. Love ya, but still…). But I’m sure those will get way more exciting as the series go on, and I’m thinking as epic as One Piece.

Reccomend? Definitely. At this point, sure! I for one am excited to see where the story’s gonna go! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


EDIT: I’ll spell check this later. In the meantime, let me know if you find any mistakes XD



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