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Queensland, Australia (Not exactly a holiday)

I know. Another pointless travel post. But this one sure is fun. Very few photos for over ten days, but still…

First, lest’s get this straight. I was here for sport. You got it. Sport. I live in Victoria, Australia, and there’s this Nationals competition where every state brings 20 or so to compete against others (VIC all the way). The sport was orienteering (google for definition. Don’t ask me what it means, because I won’t tell you! Nyah!)

But some photos I did manage to take…


There’s a particular reason why I love planes… which I will write about some time in the future. Jeez, I need a tattoo. (Kinda joking? I dunno)


Gotta love the charming beaches :). And the weather was a DREAM! So different from Victoria when I left. It was just rain and rain and rain…


Rays at Sea World. You can’t see them well, but that sure ain’t my pointing hand.


Y’know, I kinda dislike Sea World. It’s cool and all, but I hate the super touristy atmosphere it has. Not like, chill, acting normal kinda tourists, either. Like the obnoxious, too-many-iPhones-and-iPads, leave-your-candy-bar-wrappers-on-the-seat, tease-the-animals-just-to-make-them-move kinda tourists, with overly loud squealing kids.

Call my grumpy and cynical, but I just don’t like it. I like this photo though. (Below)


Scenery was pretty nice ^



Those were just another quick couple that I took without enough time in my hands (that were bouncing around a lot for the second.

A very unsatisfactory collection of pictures from Australia’s sunshine state, I know. But this ain’t no joke!



Usually either playing guitar or wasting time. Is probably a Sith Lord

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