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Monthly Photo Dump! (2)

Yeah, I know. I’m late AGAIN. But no matter. October ’16 brought a new element into the album I haven’t done before. A lot of dark, dark pictures, taken with the flash on. Most are just taken around my house, but you can do a lot with these settings if you be creative…

^^ The featured one is one I like to call ‘The Curve’. It can mean but whatever you want it to, but really it’s just part of my guitar. But the bottom of the case looks super shiny! I love it!


What’s in the crystal ball?


Oh, that’s what.


Dust (lol)

[click to enlarge]
[The one time I properly made up my eyes]
[More guitar]
I shall be back next month (which isn’t even far away anymore) with more pictures. Until then… you’ll just have to put up with all the other crap I post on here.



Usually either playing guitar or wasting time. Is probably a Sith Lord

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