The user of this page is called Krakquarted. She also goes by the names of

  • ScarOfTheWind (as a webqueen)
  • Ill_Be_Krackered (as a webqueen)
  • BattOuttaHell (as a webqueen)
  • GuitarFreak (as a webqueen stalking non-wordpress blogs)
  • Caitlyn (real life)
  • Katherine (real life)
  • Quivering lips (don’t ask)
  • Limp noodle (also don’t ask)

That is too many names. It sounds stupid on the blog, I should remove some.


But really, I’m called Caitlyn. I play guitar. I read. I try to draw. I even run, sometimes, believe it or not.

A high-schooler and probably a Sith Lord, with too much time alone with her thoughts, and no real reason to blog at all! Sad, huh? I just wanted to have a little fun ◔̯◔

Writes about whatever. Anything and everything. Books. Movies. Manga. Music. Places I’ve been. A few stories and poems. Most of all, stuff I thought about, thinking I’m ever so clever (she’s really not. She just thinks she is. What a stuck up b——)

Mixed race Chinese-Australian. Speaks Cantonese and English. Trying to Learn Mandarin, Spanish and Japanese all at the same time. Dodgy.

Got nothing else to say. Read the blog, if you want. I’m done.

Actually, wanna see my cringy first post? (Oh wait, they’re all cringy) But it’s just there. Yeah. Down below. You see it.



So. Another blog post just made it onto the internet. Hi! It’s me! My name is Caitlyn, I live in Australia and I have started a blog. What for, I don’t know. I don’t particularly have anything to blog about. I just wanted to blog, because it might be fun.

First step: Get WordPress. Man, it was nerve racking. Not sure why, but the start page was sleek, stylish, with a massive high-quality picture of, well, some dude with a laptop. In the middle was a scary blue button that said something along the lines of “Start your new website today”.

It nearly discouraged me. It really nearly did. I took some time off to think of a domain name. Still think it’s stupid. And then there were more complications, and then some.

So. Free package. Dodgy theme. Let’s get cracking!

What will I post here? Not sure yet. Thinking of some entertainment stuff. Books. Movies. Manga. Or maybe some pictures of places you’ve probably never been before (probably my hometown and, like, my backyard). Life events that you probably couldn’t care less about. Your average blog.

If you wanna read on, go ahead. It might be fun, you never know.:-)


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